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The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) has the main responsibility for higher education in technology in Norway, and it is the country’s premier institution for the education of engineers. The Department of Materials Science and Engineering is Norway’s leading institution for materials science and engineering.


Sintef is one of Europe’s largest contract research institutes. SINTEF Materials and Chemistry is in the international forefront within process metallurgy. Several successful projects, both academic and industrial, have been run at the institute for many decades. The institute collaborates closely with NTNU in a wide range of fundamental and applied materials research areas and are operating laboratories together.


MINTEK is a research council own by the South African government based in Johannesburg. It has been conducting research in minerals processing and metallurgical engineering since 1934. The Pyrometallurgy Division within MINTEK conducts applied research on laboratory- and pilot-scale and is known internationally for the work done in DC arc furnace smelting.


North-West University (NWU) is one of South Africa’s institutions of higher education. The Chromium Technology group at the NWU is headed by Prof. JP Beukes, whom has extensive industrial and academic experience.

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