Paul visits Norway

Paul Beukes, full professor in Chemistry, visited NTNU and SINTEF from 25th March to 29th March, 2017. During this visit he presented a talk at a carbon workshop hosted by NTNU, which was attended by post graduate students and industry representatives. “Although it was a short visit, it was really productive and I look forward to spending significantly longer periods in Trondheim during 2018/19.”

Paul presenting at the carbon workshop in March 2017. Photographer: Pieter van Zyl.

Paul enjoying the colder, non-typical South African conditions in the company of Merete. Photographer: Pieter van Zyl.

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Joalet visits Norway

Joalet Steenkamp, a chief engineer MINTEK, visited NTNU and SINTEF from August 21st to September 15th, 2017. During her stay, she worked with Merete Tangstad, Eli Ringdalen, and Paul Beukes on a chapter called ‘Coal-based reducing agents in ferroalloys and silicon production‘ for the book ‘New Trends in Coal Conversion’; a joint publication for INFACON 15 with Eli Ringdalen; and updating the INTPART Metal Production website!

She was also fortunate enough to be accompanied on the trip by her children, Rudi (9) and Esté (5), and their tutor. Put in her own words: ‘I am REALLY excited that I can take the children with. I really enjoy travelling so much (one of the advantages of working at MINTEK) but do miss them while I’m away. Having the opportunity not only to see them everyday but also to share my experiences with them, is WONDERFUL.’

Joalet with Rudi and Esté at the Arctic Circle Center which they visited over the weekend. Photographer: Jan Kåre.

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