Vincent visits South Africa

Vincent Canaguier, a PhD Candidate at NTNU, visited MINTEK for the Chrome Colloquium the 20th and 21st of June 2017.

During his stay, he presented his work on reduction and carburization of synthetic chromite.

In his own words: ‘One of the challenges in research is to reach the proper audience. With the Chrome Colloquium in Johannesburg, I feel I had a chance to meet most of the stakeholders in this field. This was also an opportunity for spot-on questions and valuable feedback from my peers. This trip was a chance to discover the impressive furnaces of the MINTEK labs and meet researchers from this institution. I am now truly looking forward to my next visit in South Africa, for the upcoming INFACON XV conference.’

Vincent also visited Johannesburg’s museums and suburbs to learn more about South Africa’s recent history.

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Paul visits Norway

Paul Beukes, full professor in Chemistry, visited NTNU and SINTEF from 25th March to 29th March, 2017. During this visit he presented a talk at a carbon workshop hosted by NTNU, which was attended by post graduate students and industry representatives. “Although it was a short visit, it was really productive and I look forward to spending significantly longer periods in Trondheim during 2018/19.”

Paul presenting at the carbon workshop in March 2017. Photographer: Pieter van Zyl.

Paul enjoying the colder, non-typical South African conditions in the company of Merete. Photographer: Pieter van Zyl.

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Katrine visits South Africa

Katrine Holm was a master’s student at NTNU when she visited North-West University (NWU) in Potchefstroom in South Africa from February 6th to May 9th, 2017.

She used the time to work on her master’s project. In her own words:

‘In my thesis work I studied the thermal behavior of anthracite, coke and charcoal regarding their expansion during heating and reheating, as well as their release of off-gases. Working in the labs at NWU was a different experience then what I was used to from NTNU, which thought me to be more patient and flexible in the way I work.’

She also experienced the South African culture through the assistance of her fellow post-graduate students at NWU. They arranged braais, took her to markets and rugby games, as well as a lion park and took her hiking.

The exchange made a lasting impression on her: ‘The exchange to South Africa was giving and challenging at the same time, both professionally and personally. It was truly a great experience that I will remember and cherish for years to come.’

Katrine (to the left) at the Lionpark with fellow students:

Katrine on a hike with fellow students:

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Ralph visits Norway

Ralph Glastonbury, a full-time PhD student at North-West University (NWU) in South Africa, visited NTNU from June 2nd to August 15th, 2017. During his stay, he worked on characterisation of material for his studies. Ralph’s research outputs are available on Researchgate.

In his own words: The availability of analytical instruments at NTNU, which are not available at my own university, made a significant contribution to my PhD. I hope to publish the most comprehensive paper regarding the characterization of industrials Søderberg electrode soon.’

He also used the opportunity to explore the cultural differences between South Africa and Norway.

Again his own words: ‘The first thing I noticed was how green everything is and how friendly all the people there are. Everyone was always willing to help when you ask for it (especially if you can’t find TGIF to meet fellow South Africans on your first day). While I was there I used the opportunity to go to a Viking festival in Steinkjer. I loved how authentic they tried to make it. I even got to see some mock Viking battles. I also got the chance to do some blacksmithing, something I’ve always wanted to do. It also gave me the chance to make some small gifts for friends back home.’

Ralph at the Viking festival:


Ralph trying his hand at blacksmithing:

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