Wesley visits Norway

Wesley Banda, an engineer MINTEK and part-time master’s student at WITS University in South Africa, visited NTNU from May 20th to June 17th, 2017. During his stay, he was trained on the SEM-EDS equipment and used the opportunity to analyse six refractory samples, developing a method to conduct post-mortem investigations for his master’s studies. Wesley’s research outputs are available on Researchgate.

Wesley also used the opportunity to broaden his horizon on a personal level. In his own words:

‘I am not much of a soccer fan, but managed to go out and have some fun with some of the postgraduate students. It was an awesome fun game in the rain and it made up for my absence in the gym due to travelling.

Making new friends was really easy, most of all the postgraduate students were very welcoming and fun to be with. It was also fun to see that the Norwegian summer is a typical winter day in South Africa, and when the sun actually comes out in Norway, every ones goes gaga, and come out to get their fair share of the limit resource. The best part about the sunshine was the braai (barbeque) and time out in the sun with friends.

Once in a while we would go out to explore and paint the city red, the only weird part is that the night outs in Norway, actually felt like afternoon outs, as the sky would be so bright till early morning hours. The best part is that we had the best city guides and great moments.’

Wesley getting ready to reach new height on a hiking exploration in Norway:

Wesley at the welcome dinner (we arrived in Trondheim on May 17th, the Norwegian National Day) with our host, Merete Tangstad, and Joalet Steenkamp:

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