The INTPART Metal Production Project aims at strengthening the ties between Norway and South Africa through joint research and education projects conducted at the four participating institutions: NTNU and SINTEF in Norway, and the University of North-West (NWU) and MINTEK in South Africa. The project runs over three years (2017 Р2019) and is funded by the Norwegian Research Council (NRC) and NTNU. The project is managed by Prof Tangstad with SINTEF being represented by Dr Eli Ringdalen, NWU by Prof Paul Beukes, and MINTEK by Dr Joalet Steenkamp.

In essence, the INTPART Metal Production Project aims at enhancing international participation in research and education, through long-term collaboration between two of the main countries involved in metals production: Norway and South Africa. The long-term vision of the project participants is for Norway and South Africa to excel in research and education in the field of metal production.

To that extent, the bulk of the INTPART Metal Production Project funding will be spent on growing networks through personnel exchanges from Norway to South Africa and from South Africa to Norway. During the exchanges, the project participants will focus on common research and common development of educational material with technical content focusing on:

  1. Fundamental reaction mechanisms for reduction processes (metal production)
  2. Use of carbon materials in metal production (raw material for metal production; increased lifetime of carbon based equipment i.e. linings, tap-hole clays and electrodes)

To ensure that the results generated during these exchanges are made available to the larger metal producing communities in both countries, the material will be disseminated through a minimum of two workshops/seminars per year, one in Norway and one in South Africa. To ensure that the results of the research reach the international community in metals production, papers will be submitted to peer-reviewed conference proceedings and journals with a high standing in the field.

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